The blends of these wines are predominantly Grenache and express the unique characteristics of each appellation. In the manner of the halos around planet Jupiter, they highlight the many facets of our sovereign “Grenache”.

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Costières de Nîmes

As the constellation of graceful and generous Pisces suggests, this wine is imbued with surprising depth and freshness. Located where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean, Costières de Nîmes’ proximity to the sea confers bright and elegant wines. A forgotten terroir with a beautiful expression of Grenache, it is an appellation to discover!

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Côtes du Rhône

Libra, charismatic and pure, offers up a dark and concentrated Côtes du Rhône with unique finesse and balance. The complementarity of terroirs from both banks of the Rhône River (Signargues, Cairanne and Rasteau) evokes an exemplary expression of Grenache, richly flavored and generous.

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Strong and vibrant Taurus inspires this sensual Vacqueyras. Poor soils, minuscule yields of old vine Grenache and about 180 days a year of Mistral bring forth the quintessence of our Mediterranean terroir of garrigue with its spices, sage and juniper.

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Extrovert and spirited, Sagittarius animates this Grenache from vineyards nestled in the Dentelles de Montmirail. This unique expression of high altitude Grenache combines restrained power, freshness, and depth and is a perfect example of how Mourvèdre best compliments Grenache to create a very alluring red Rhone.

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Bold and opulent, this Leo-influenced wine is a true homage to Grenache, Chateauneuf’s most emblematic varietal. This blend of major terroir types found here offers an extraordinary expression: the ripe intensity from the stone covered vineyards, the richness from clay soils, and the purity from the sandy terroirs. Very elegant and harmonious, this wine displays a perfect balance between power and finesse.

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Like Leo, noble and engaging, this cuvée is the quintessence of Châteauneuf du Pape, where Grenache is king, and “La Crau” is its secret garden. Adrastée is rare -- the singular satellite of the Halos de Jupiter.

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