General Terms of Use

A user’s continuing navigation on this website entails their unreserved acceptance of the following terms of use.

The version of these terms of use that is currently online shall be the only binding version throughout the period of use of the site, until such time as it is replaced by a newer version.

Article 1 – Website access

Access to the website is restricted to people of adult age. The publisher reserves the right to request proof of the user’s age.

Access to and use of the website are strictly reserved for personal use only. The user agrees not to use this website or the data and information it contains for any commercial, political or advertising purposes, or for any form of business publicity, namely to send out unsolicited email.

Article 2 – Website content

All the trademarks, photographs, texts, comments, illustrations, animated and non-animated images, video sequences, sound, all the software applications that may be used to run this website and, more generally, all the elements that are reproduced or used on the website are protected by current intellectual property laws.

They are the full and complete property of the publisher or its partners. Any reproduction, broadcasting, use or adaptation, in any form whatsoever, of some or all of those elements, including the software applications, is strictly prohibited without the publisher’s prior written consent. If the publisher should choose not to lodge proceedings as soon as it becomes aware of that unauthorized use, this shall not entail its acceptance of the said use or a waiver of its right to take legal action.

Article 3 – Website management

In the interest of managing the site, the publisher may at any time: suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the website, or restrict access to the website, certain parts of it, or a specific category of user; remove any information that might disrupt how the website functions or that breaks any national or international law or the rules of “netiquette”; suspend the website in order to update it.

Article 4 – Responsibilities

The publisher may not be held responsible in the event of a fault, failure, problem or interruption in the website’s operations, preventing access to the site or one of its features.

The hardware used to connect to the site is the sole responsibility of the user. The latter must take appropriate measures to protect his/her hardware and data, namely from viral attacks over the Internet. Likewise, the user alone is responsible for the websites and data that he/she views.

The publisher may not be held responsible in the event of legal action against the user: due to use of the website or of any service that is available over the Internet; due to the user’s non-compliance with the present general terms.

The publisher shall not be responsible for any damage caused to the user, the user’s equipment and/or third parties as a result of the user’s use of or login to the site. The user waives all recourse to legal action against the publisher on those grounds.

Should the publisher become a party to amicable or litigious proceedings as a result of the user’s use of the website, it may lodge an action against the user to obtain compensation for all the damage, sums, sentences and costs that might ensue from those proceedings.

Article 5 – Hyperlinks

The user is strictly prohibited from creating any hyperlinks pointing towards the website or a page thereof without the publisher’s prior written authorization, which may be requested by sending an email to info[à]

The publisher reserves the right to withhold its authorization, without the obligation to provide any explanation whatsoever for its decision. Should the publisher grant its authorization, the latter will only be temporary and may be withdrawn at any time, with no obligation for the publisher to provide an explanation.

In any case, all links must be removed upon receipt of a simple request to do so from the publisher.

Any information that is accessible via a link to another website is not under the control of the publisher which declines all responsibility as to its content.

Article 6 – Intellectual property

The publisher owns or holds the licence to all the intellectual property rights contained on the website. The user is prohibited from making any use whatsoever, in France or abroad, of one or more elements of the website and its content, that constitute the publisher’s intellectual property rights.  The publisher reserves the right to lodge an action against the user for compensation for any damage suffered.

Article 7 – Photographs and product representations

The photographs accompanying the product descriptions are not contractually binding upon the publisher.

Article 8 – Applicable law

The present terms of use of the website are governed by French law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts for the seller’s location, unless a legislative or regulatory text stipulates a specific court of jurisdiction.

Article 9 – Contact information

Any user with questions about the products shown on our website or about the site itself may address them to us at info[à]

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